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Who we are:

Welcome to the Oriental and Siamese Cat Chat forum. This board was set up for people who have a common interest in the Oriental and Siamese cat breeds to share experiences and chat online. We chat about our cats and kittens (Cat Chat) and other things beside (Off Topic). We also welcome those with other breeds of cat and/or who have other pets, (eg, dogs, hamsters, parrots etc) besides.

On this board, an individual is permitted only one account or username. Anyone who attempts to use more than one online identity will only be allowed one and any others relating to the same person will be disallowed or deleted.

You must register as a member and have your registration validated by admin in order to
1 Post messages and edit them, reply to others and upload pictures
2 Access the rest of the forums
3 Receive and send Private Messages (PM)
4 If you wish, receive messages by email relating to threads to which you subscribe.
You must use a valid email address when you register, or you will never receive the acceptance mail from the board or anything else.
Note that we no longer accept email addresses from either "Hotmail" or "Live mail" as emails from these sources are primarily Spam. Consequently, any new registration that uses a Hotmail or Live mail account will be deleted.

Opinions and views expressed are those held by the author/poster and not necessarily by the Admin or Moderator team. Freedom of expression is encouraged with the exceptions and caveats below under “We don’t like”.
Please introduce yourself when you first post on our board. We can then “see” you and welcome you as you join us. [Introductions/profiles]

Moderators are members who are appointed by the administrator in order to keep the forums "clean and tidy". They watch out for illegal contents or insulting behaviour. To fulfil this task, they have a few additional user rights (e.g. they can close or move threads and delete offensive messages). They will assist in keeping the environment safe from scammers and spammers. Moderators are guardians who welcome the co-operation of members to make this a safe, friendly place to chat.

We like
1 Courtesy and respect – you are welcome to visit, post, chat, upload pictures and contribute toward debates, votes, word or number games, and suggested pets’ names etc. No need to swear, curse or use profanity.
2 Friendly people who use the emoticons appropriately to show mood.
3 Variety - We like broad-minded people who bear in mind that there are many opinions which may differ and who accept that theirs is not the only right way to care for our pets, whether furry or feathered. Please respect that everyone has a right to their own opinions.
4 Supportive people who post good advice from a reliable source or who are professionally qualified to give veterinary advice, e.g. a vet or vet nurse.
5 Copyright: please ensure you have the permission of the originator of any material or information you copy to this board from elsewhere if it is not your own original.
6 Ideas: This board is a live forum – real people send messages to each other here. If you would like to introduce something new, your ideas will be considered. For example, quizzes and word games whether pet related or off topic will contribute towards lively discussion.
7 Private Messages: should be exactly that, private and confidential – not for publication on the board but kept within the circle of those who are communicating privately only.

We don’t like
1. Insulting Posts with racist, pornographic, insulting or hateful content are not tolerated. The same applies to links to illegal material or pornographic sites. Such content will be instantly removed and the poster will be banned from the board.
2. No “flaming” or “trolling”. “Flaming” is an offensive form of online harassment and is insulting. “Trolling” is a form of incitement to bickering and pointless argument which gives rise to stirring up bad relationships. Upon the first indication of such behaviour, an enquiry to find out the true intention of the message will be sent to the poster and the message will be deleted. The second time, the poster will be banned. Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.
3. Libel and slander: There is legislation to protect individuals from libel and slander. Please bear this in mind when writing/posting anything about anyone.
Thank you for reading and joining. By joining you agree to abide by the above, thus making the board a harmonious place. Welcome to Oriental and Siamese Cat Chat.


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